Hi guys I’m Maddie. And I originally began with a YouTube channel called cooking with Maddie. There I post/posted/will post cooking videos with my dad as my personal assistant making breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert videos. We also post/posted/will post the recipes here along with the video for your convenience.

I love cooking, and I’ve been in the kitchen cooking with my dad since I was four, and mom and dad haven’t been able to chase me out of the kitchen since then! Since then, I have expanded my videos to dance, gymnastics and general videos about what’s going on in my life at that moment.

Making a batch of salsa
Frying up some Silver Dollar pancakes
Baking a chocolate cake

I hope that you’ll enjoy my videos. If you have any suggestions of new recipes for me to try, or any special requests, please EMAIL me or post a comment on my YouTube channel.

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